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Removes Rust/Oxides Quickly and Safely

Works effectively with no acid handling problems. Removes rust, scale and oxides from ferrous and non-ferrous metals with its high chelating and sequestering ability that promotes uniform cleaning and removal of rust.

Harmless to Skin, Metal and Other Materials

B-P Metal Cleaner will not cause irritation to normal skin and will not harm sound metal finishes*, wood, plastic, paint, rubber, concrete, fabric and other materials. Equipment to be cleaned can be immersed with complete safety, without the stripping of nonmetallic parts. It is non-corrosive, halogen-free, virtually odorless and gives off no toxic fumes.
* Except zinc and cadmium, as on galvanized steels which require careful control.


Does not require a neutralizing agent for disposal, eliminating water pollution problems often encountered with other cleaners.

Easy, Economical to Use. Just Soak and Rinse

B-P Metal Cleaner is concentrated - a little goes a long way. It's non-corrosive, so an exact measurement of the cleaning solution is not critical nor is soaking time. No special equipment is required to hold the solution.


"Please send me several sheets on the B-P Metal Cleaner. I am a member of an Antique Car Club and I think some of the members could use this product."
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