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Passivation Test Kit

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Passivation Test Kit

The copper sulfate test is intended to test the effectiveness of passivation. It can also be used to determine if there is a need for passivation.

The purpose is used to find the presence of free iron which is usually induced onto the surface of a part during fabrication, transportation, polishing, etc.

The principle of the test is based on an oxidation-reduction which causes the dissolved copper ions to deposit or plate out onto the free iron particles.

Physical Properties

  • Form — Liquid
  • Chemical Composition — Water, copper sulfate, sulfuric acid
  • Operating Temperature — Room temperature


2 oz. dropper bottle. Contains sufficient solution for hundreds of tests.

Technical Assistance:

Bradford Derustit Corp: 877-899-5315 International: 714-695-0899


The copper sulfate test meets all of the requirements of ASTM A967, ASTM A380, ASTM F1089, AMS 2700, and MIL-STD-753 standards.

Disclaimer: All information provided is for informational purposes only. Please refer to your local governmental regulations and dispose of all material accordingly.

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